A new Master course in Development Practice
A new Master course in Development Practice

The Master in Development Practice (MDP) was recently approved by the Portuguese Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education and it will be teaching at all the organisational units of P. Porto. The course will officially start at the beginning of 2018, still in the present academic year.

This is a pioneer academically offer in Portugal and it is distinguished by the fact that is not functioning fully in a single institution, as well as the fact that is an interdisciplinary program, covering knowledge from different areas like Health, Natural, Social and Management Sciences. The programme aims to prepare students to better identify and address the challenges of sustainable development, including actions that could represent a direct or indirect benefit for the populations, especially in the developing countries.

As mentioned above, the program will be teaching in every organisional units of P. Porto, in this way we can assure the diversity of the curricula, alongside with a very different experience and skills to be acquired by the students. The Master in Development Practice will be totally functioning in English (both for Portuguese and foreigner students). It is intended that the future masters will be able to analyse and diagnose the several challenges of sustainable development, such as extreme poverty, climate change and infectious diseases, among other things. The social and environmental responsibility, understood from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals, is closely linked to this model.

The MDP program consist of two year of coursework and is designed for: Generalist development practitioners; Specialist development practitioners; Policy administrators and policy professionals; Private-sector professionals and Educators. The appliers could be undergraduate or Masters in the following areas: Arts; Business Sciences; Behaviour and social and science; Engineering; Health; Tourism and leisure; Educational Sciences and related areas.

Before the classes, all the students will enjoy a Boot camp experience during two weeks offered by all the organisation units of P. Porto. It must be noted that the students will have the opportunity of embracing and international experience in the sense that the programme includes an international internship of three months. The total number of students allowed for this course is a maximum of 30.

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