O ISEP promoveu em Julho um seminário sobre veículos eléctricos, que contou com a presença do orador convidado Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, director do Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems Laboratory da Missouri University of Science and Technology (EUA).

Intitulado “Plug-in Vehicles – Grid Integration and Operations”, este encontro abordou desafios e oportunidades da introdução de veículos eléctricos e híbridos no mercado automóvel.

"The integration of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles increases the complexity and challenges to the various controls and operations at all levels of the power grid. Charging large number of electric vehicles randomly or simultaneously without an intelligent infrastructure will increase the load on the electric grid causing adverse effects and increase in cost of electric vehicle usage. Intelligent scheduling of vehicles for charging and dynamic load forecasting will become of vital importance.  On the other hand, electric vehicles with the use of vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G), information technology and advanced computational methods can provide short term real and reactive power support to overcome the drawback of the intermittent nature of wind and solar power resources. Besides, V2G technology can make the electric grid efficient, reliable, distributed, clean and interoperable. This talk will present the potentials and promises of advanced computational methods and intelligence to mitigate the negative impact and exploit the benefits of integration of plug-in vehicles on the smart grid".

+INFO: Zita Vale