Professor José Martins Carvalho receives the EFG Merit Medal 2015/2016

Jose Martins de Carvalho was honored last June by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) with the Merit EFG 2015/2016 medal.

This distinction, approved unanimously by the EFG Council, is recognition of his commitment and dedication towards the federation, his human character and exemplary professionalism proved over more than 30 years as a geologist. It highlights the importance of his scientific, technical production and pedagogical activity within the hydrogeology, hydro geotechnology, geothermics, recognized both at national and international level.

Considered as an ambassador of geologists, he began his journey in EFG in 1978 as the Portuguese delegate of the federation. Since 1980, Martins de Carvalho has integrated the board of the federation, becoming a key player in the development of   EFG structure, its statutes, regulations, code of ethics, among others. Between 1983 and 1986 he had also functions as secretary-treasurer.

José Martins Carvalho, coordinator Professor at ISEP, retired from lectures activities in December 2013, after a long and recognized professional and academic career.

In 2015 he was nominated IPP Emeritus Professor.


 José Martins Carvalho

Born in Lisbon on 12 December 1943, José de Carvalho Martins has exercised activities as a professional geologist since 1966. He has worked in key companies of extractive industries, energy and construction (Mining Exploration International, Geotechnical and Mining, Surveys and Foundations, TARH SOGEO-Azores).

In 1982 he began a career in higher education, as a visiting professor at University of Évora and University of Porto. In2004 he began lecturing at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, supporting the development and consolidation of both bachelor and master degree in Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Engineering and of the master degree in Sustainable Energies. In 2011 he became a coordinator Professor with aggregation.

As an academic, José Martins Carvalho holds a PhD in Geosciences, majoring in Applied Hydrogeology from the University of Aveiro. He also holds aggregation in geosciences and the professional title of Euro-Geologist (EurGeol) by European Federation of Geologists. In 2000, he was awarded the title "Millenium Hydrogeologist" by the International Association of Hydrogeologists in South Africa. He is member of the professional board of Engineers in Portugal (College of Geological and Mining Engineering) and senior member of the Portuguese Association of Geologists.

He has published over 27 papers in international journals, two books as co-author, seven chapters in national and international significant publications, 25 full papers / proceedings of international conferences, 41 articles and technical notes in national and international journals and more than 1,500 technical and scientific reports. He has participated in five projects funded by the European Commission and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology among other research initiatives.

Currently, it keeps connected to ISEP as emeritus coordinator professor with aggregation in the Department of Geotechnical Engineering.  He keeps developing research activities with the Cartography and Applied Geology Laboratory (LABCARGA), cooperating with educational scientific and cultural activities of Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. He is also associated of GeoBioTec Center. He is director-shareholder of TARH.