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1 – Your home school selected you? Congratulations!

Please ask your school to nominate you

- for the first semester and the whole academic year between April 1st and May 15th at

- for the second semester between September 1st and October 15th at

2 – When your school nominates you, you get an automatic reply, in your email. The email will have a link to our application and important information.

The application deadline for the first semester and the whole academic year is June 15th.

The application deadline for the second semester is November 15th.



Before you submit your application, you need to check our academic offer.

Are you a Double Degree student? Please check the specific agreement to build your proposal, with your international office.

Are you an Erasmus+ or Cooperation Protocol student?

If you want to study in English and/or with support in English, we have a few rules for building your Learning Agreement proposal. We listed them on the Academic Offer ( page, in two Excel files/lists.

If you want to study in Portuguese you need to be a native speaker or have a Portuguese language knowledge of B2 or higher. In this case, you may select from our full Academic Offer.

For content details on the subjects:

  1. Click on the name of the Bachelor degree or Master degree, on the top menu,
  2. Select “Curricular Plan” on the left side menu,
  3. Select the name of the subject,
  4. A pop window comes up, with content and credits. Make sure the pop-up is not blocked in your browser for our webpage.



Are you an Erasmus+ student?

Fill out the OLA/Online Learning Agreement (Home | OLA ( If OLA is not used by your school yet, you may upload a specific template provided by your home school.


Are you a Cooperation Protocol or Double Degree student?

Fill out the Cooperation Agreement Learning Agreement.


You need to include in the Online/Cooperation Learning Agreement our details.


Faculty/Department - ISEP/Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto

Erasmus code (if applicable) - P PORTO05

Address - Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431 4249-015 Porto

Country - Portugal

For both the contact person and the responsible person:

- first name is Alexandra,

- last name is Trincão,

- the position is Head of International Office,

- email is,

- phone number is +351 228 340 500.



When your school nominates you, you get an automatic reply, in your email. The email will have a link to our application and important information.

In the application you will need to upload:

  • The Online/Cooperation Learning Agreement, signed/validated by you and your home coordinator. After the application deadline and/or your application is approved, we will validate the file in OLA or send the Cooperation Learning Agreement to you by email.
  • The proof of language knowledge for the language(s) in which you will have classes. You may also upload a declaration you are a native speaker of that language(s).
  • The Transcript of Records, in Portuguese or English.
  • Student insurance declaration by your home school (not mandatory at this stage, but mandatory by the start of the semester), valid during your mobility period at ISEP. If you don’t submit or bring the declaration, you have to subscribe our student insurance upon arrival.




  • Looking for a traineeship in a research group? You may contact us at
  • For that we need you to tell us:

- In which of our research groups interests you - the list is on our webpage (, under the menu “RESEARCH”,

Between which dates you would like to do the internship, and

- Add your CV and your Transcript of Records (in English or Portuguese).


  • We will check if it will be possible to receive you in one of our research groups.



If we send you a positive reply, please send us by email the following documents:

  • Traineeship proposal signed by you and your home coordinator. Here are the templates:

Learning Agreement for Traineeships for Erasmus+ students,

Cooperation Agreement for Traineeships for students under a cooperation agreement.

  • Information on your national identification card - card number and until when it is valid.
  • Student insurance declaration (not mandatory), valid during your mobility period at ISEP. If you don't send a student's insurance declaration we will consider you will subscribe ISEP's student insurance, upon arrival.