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In this academic year, ISEP' offer, regarding degrees in English:

-       2nd and 3rd year of the Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering

-       Degree in Informatics Engineering

-      3rd year of the Degree in Mechanical Engineering

-       Master degree in Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Management branch

-       Master degree in Engineering and Industrial Management

-       Master degree in Informatics Engineering

-       Master degree in Sustainable Energy

Notwithstanding the availability of the offer in English, the subjects of these degrees will have edition in this language if there is a minimum number of students enrolled. Should a subject be taught only in Portuguese for lack of enrolled students for English language, for these degrees, students will receive support in English, in what concerns bibliography and exams in English.

If a student selects a subject from the following degrees, despite having classes only in Portuguese, the student will receive support in English, in what concerns in-class and one-to-one tutoring when necessary, bibliography and exams:

-        Degree in Bioresources

-        Degree in Chemical Engineering

-        Master in Bioresources

-        Master in Chemical Engineering

The student can only choose subjects available in the semester in which he/she is joining us.

If the subjects collide, in the future timetable the student is to construct, he/she will need to change the Learning Agreement.

If a subject is optional at ISEP it will only have edition if a sufficient number of students apply for it and if there is no edition the student will also need to change his/her Learning Agreement.

The Erasmus Project (a tailored project) and the Master Thesis can also be worked in English. A difference between both is that the thesis has a specific number of ECTU in each course and an Erasmus Project may have 10ECTU, 20ECTU or 30ECTU. Students may request only one Erasmus Project during their mobility.

The European Project Semester (offered only in the second semester) is fully taught in English. Students cannot choose separate modules from EPS - only enrol for it as a full semester that is worth 30ECTU.

For EPS we process all applications after the application deadline (15th November) and send out the acceptance typically within one week of the deadline.

EPS candidates must also have accomplished, in the case of a 3rd year student, 150 ECTU/5 semesters, or, in the case of a 4th year student, 210 ECTU/7 semesters. Also EPS candidates need to have an English CEFR level B2 certificate or higher.

Our EPS coordinator also advises that students do not have any pending subjects at their home schools, involving studying and doing exams during the spring semester, and can fully concentrate on the programme.