Transforming Education with eduScrum

What is eduScrum?

eduScrum is an active collaborative education process.

eduScrum allows students to make assignments according to a fixed rhythm.
They plan and determine their own activities themselves and keeping track of their progress. The teacher "determines" the assignments, coach and give advice. From teacher-driven education to student-driven & organized education.

The teacher determines the Why and the What, the students determine the How.

With eduScrum, the students own their own learning process, resulting in intrinsic motivation, fun, personal growth and better results. In eduScrum learning is the key element: effectively and efficient learning, learning to cooperate better, learning to get to know themselves better, learning to be co-creative.

With eduScrum students work together in an energetic, targeted, effective and efficient way.  eduScrum students are stimulated to develop into a valuable member of a team and ascertains a mind-set that aims for constant improvement. Classes using eduScrum finish weeks early and their results are in the same test significantly higher than in other classes. This way of working generates pleasure, power and responsibility, the work is faster and the results are better. In addition, students pass through a positive personal development.


Learning Objectives:

During this workshop, Willy Wijnands will draw a parallel between Scrum, Education and Scrum beyond IT.

The starting principles are the autonomy and authenticity of people. Willy believe that students have to take responsibility for their own learning paths and work together independently.

After attending this workshop, participants will:

  • Discuss, why the education must change
  • Get an explanation of the eduScrum process and the Why
  • Will experience what the power is of eduScrum
  • Learn how to build teams and working on a casus, using eduScrum
  • Reflect after working on a casus
  • We will guide you through the eduScrum process hands-on




The workshop will be ministered online, using simple and the right tools. The way Willy Wijnands teaches the workshop promotes an active and hands-on environment, where each  participant feels fully engaged. 
The platform Zoom will be used, preferentially. Other online tools will be Google suits, Google docs and Google sheets, to share documents. For some activities, the Google jamboard will also be a choice.
As was said above, the workshop will be hands-on and interactive. The participants will have to have sticky notes, pen and A4 paper to write. 
Willy is anxious to share his enthusiasm and  provide all participants with a fantastic moment of learning,  energetic, targeted,  effective and  in an efficient way.
The Workshop is devoted preferentially to professors and educators of all levels of education.

After the workshop, the participants will  receive a certificate of attendance and may receive a full value certificate, after the three online Zoom training sessions, for which the timetable will be discussed individually with Willy Wijnands (max. 30 minutes each).



Three online sessions of 3.5h, scheduled as follows, plus 3 online training sessions (max. 30min each):

jUNE 26TH 2020 - start 05:00pm; Closure 08:45pm; BREAK: 06:45-07:00pm

jUNE 27th 2020 - start 09:30am; Closure 01:15pm; BREAK: 11:15-11:30am

jULY 03rd 2020 - start 05:00pm; Closure 08:45pm; BREAK: 06:45-07:00pm