QTDEI "Using parsers to understand existing code"

The Department of Computer Engineering (DEI) of the Engineering Institute of Porto (ISEP), invites you another lecture, this time with the theme "Using parsers to understand existing code", which will take place on May 13th, at 2pm, at ISEP.
The event will take place in room B303 at ISEP, with online streaming.


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As developers, we can use our skills to process code. This permits to achieve several benefits:
- Validating code at scale
- Generating diagrams and visualization
- Modifying the code to migrate to a new framework or a new language


Short Bio

Federico Tomassetti 
Federico Tomassetti Language Architect at Strumenta, a boutique consulting studio he co-founded. In his role at Strumenta, Federico is involved in different Language Engineering projects, ranging from the definition of Domain Specific Languages for different domains to the design of transpilers, editors, and interpreters. He got his PhD in Language Engineering between Italy and Germany. He speaks regularly at conferences and organizes the Strumenta Community, to hold discussions around Language Engineering.


Full information on DEI website here


This lecture is organized by QTDEI of the Engineering Institute of Porto (ISEP).