CISTER Distinguished Seminar Series

20 JAN | 16h | ISEP


Model-Driven Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems


The design process of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) normally starts with the development of a functional model, used for simulation purposes.

This model is composed of the control algorithms and a mathematical representation of the physical system to be controlled. Most of the time, such models are not directly reused for the design of the architecture of the target CPS. As a consequence, more efforts than strictly necessary are spent during the CPS architecture design phase.

This talk discusses an approach called Assisted Transformation of Models (AST), which aims at transforming functional (simulation) models designed in the Simulink environment into architectural models represented in the Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL). It also presents a tool called ECPS Modeling, which was designed to help the automated design of sensing and actuation subsystems. The proposed approach also covers a sequence of model transformations that easies the formal verification of the designed AADL model and so assures its correctness. It must be highlighted that this is not performed in a single step, as it is possible to verify AADL models with different abstraction levels, which allows successive refinements in a top-down approach.


Leandro Buss-Becker, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil


Auditorium, CISTER, ISEP

Rua Alfredo Allen, 535

4200-135 Porto, Portugal