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Want to study with us but Portuguese is not a language you know?

Maybe you can still join us! Take a walk down the offer and rules and let us know if you have any questions (

For details on the subjects (credits, objective and semester), go to the degrees/master degrees webpage and click on the name of the subject – a pop-window comes up, so make sure pop-up is not blocked in your browser for our webpage.


Degrees/Master Degrees with timetable/classes in English

The subjects of these degrees will have edition in this language if there is a minimum number of students enrolled:


If a subject is taught only in Portuguese for lack of enrolled students for English language, for these degrees, you will receive support in English, in what concerns bibliography and exams in English.

Chemical Engineering Department

If you choose a subject from the following degrees/master degrees, despite having classes only in Portuguese, you will receive support in English, in what concerns in-class and one-to-one tutoring when necessary, bibliography and exams:

Informatics Engineering Department

Degree in Informatics Engineering

  1. Regular courses that will have Practical Lessons (PLs) and all resources/material in English:

1st semester


2nd semester




Programming Paradigms




Software Engineering


Advanced Algorithms


Computational Networks


Graphical Systems and Interaction


Applications Engineering


Systems Architecture


Foundations of Information Systems


Laboratory/Project III


Laboratory/Project II


Laboratory/Project V


Laboratory/Project IV





You can choose to develop the Project/Internship in ISEP or in a company; different from Erasmus Project offer.



2.         Erasmus Project – between 10 and 30 credits

1st semester

2nd semester

Software Engineering II

OBJECTIVES: Develop a software engineering and database project. Lab application.

Network Application I

OBJECTIVES: Develop a network application project. Lab application.

Software Engineering III

OBJECTIVES: Develop an advanced software engineering project. Lab application.

Software Engineering I

OBJECTIVES: Develop a software engineering and object oriented programming project. Lab application.

Web Development I

OBJECTIVES: Develop a web application project. Lab application.


Web Development II

OBJECTIVES: Develop a web application and human-computer interaction project. Lab application.


Artificial Intelligence

OBJECTIVES: Develop an artificial Intelligence project. Lab application.


Human-Machine interaction

OBJECTIVES: Develop a Human-computer interaction project. Lab application.




Master degree in Informatics Engineering

If you choose a subject from the Master degree in Informatics Engineering, materials are available in English but classes are taught in Portuguese.

In Practical and Tutorial classes it is usually possible to devote some time to support you in English.


Projects and Thesis

The Erasmus Project (a tailored project) and the Master Thesis can be worked in English.

You may request only one Erasmus Project during your mobility and it can be for 10 to 30 credits. Your choice. Just include it in the Learning proposal and wait for the decision.

Each Thesis has specific credits assigned and must be presented at ISEP. Check each Master degree’s page to see credits and other information. 

In the Informatics degree, there are specific topics listed for each semester – please check them above.

European Project Semester (2nd semester)

The European Project Semester/EPS (offered in the second semester) is fully taught in English. You cannot choose separate modules from EPS - only enrol for it as a full semester that is worth 30ECTU.

For EPS we process all applications after the application deadline (15th November) and send out the acceptance typically within one week of the deadline.

As an EPS candidate you must have accomplished, in the case of a 3rd year student, 150 ECTU/5 semesters, or, in the case of a 4th year student, 210 ECTU/7 semesters.

Also for EPS you need to have an English CEFR level B2 certificate or higher.

Our EPS coordinator also advises that you do not have any pending subjects at your home school, involving studying and doing exams during the spring semester, and can fully concentrate on the programme.

Check the EPS page for details on the modules:



Did you find what you were looking for? Great! Here are some tips:

  • Choose only subjects available in the semester in which you are joining us.
  • If the subjects collide, in the future timetable you will construct, you will need to change the Learning Agreement – do not worry, you have 30 days to do that.
  • Keep in mind that the probability of needing to change the agreement is higher if you select subjects from different degrees/years or optional subjects. At ISEP optional subjects, will only have edition if a sufficient number of students apply for it.