SEFI 2017



Academic workshops

  • WA10 - Future development of teaching & learning in Engineering Education

       Pernille Andersson, Jørgen Bro Røn, Aage Birkkjær Lauritsen, Mona Lisa Dahms and Regner Bæk Hessellund

  • WA2 - Addressing Attrition: Changing Students’ Futures: A Problem-Based Workshop

      Robin Clark, Jane Andrews and Rebecca Broadbent

  • WA4 - The Online Learning HUB: a tool for teachers to develop and run online courses

      Jan-Paul van Staalduinen and Pieter De Vries

  • WA9 - Teach as you preach: Professionalizing teaching assistants in engineering science within the 2020 context

       Inge Van Hemelrijck, Elsje Londers and Marjolijn Burman


  • WA1 - Increasing interactivity in lectures


      Predrag Pale

  • WA7 - Closing the gap: Cooperation between secondary schools and Engineering institutions

      Maarten Pinxten, Carolien Van Soom, Christine Peeters, Tinne De Laet, Lynn Van den Broeck and Greet Langie

  • WA5 - Demonstration of the Engineering Education Research to Practice Cycle Using a Cyberlearning System for Environmental Education and Research

      Vinod Lohani and Debarati Basu

  • WA3 - Attractiveness of Engineering Profession in Europe

      Klara Kövesi and Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa

  • WA6 - Interdisciplinary Project Management in Engineering Education

      Kseniya Zaitseva and José Carlos Quadrado

  • WA8 - Employability of Engineering Graduates

      Maarten Pinxten, Sofie Craps and Greet Langie

  • WA11 - Publishing in an engineering education research journal

      Bill Williams, Jonte Bernhard


European Projects workshops

STELA - Can learning analytics improve engineering education in both MOOC and traditional learning contexts?


Learning analytics is about collecting traces that learners leave behind and using those traces to improve learning. The STELA (Successful Transition from Secondary to Higher Education through Learning Analtyics) Erasmus+ project with partners KU Leuven, TU Delft, TU Graz, Nottingham Trent University, and SEFI aims at exploring how learning analytics can be used to support the transition from secondary to higher education. 

In the workshop we will share the experiences obtained inside the project from applying learning analytics to MOOCs (TU Delft) and a more traditional learning context (KU Leuven).  More specifically, we will present two case studies. TU Delft reports on their experiences with the learning tracker, which compares the MOOC activities of a student with past students who successfully completed the MOOC. KU Leuven reports on applying learning analytics to provide students feedback on their academic skills and exam results in a traditional higher education context.

 These findings are a start of an explorative discussion with the participants on how learning analytics could or should be used to improve engineering education.

  • Which data sources are available about the traces of learners and how can these data sources be used to provide feedback to learners?
  • What are the treats and opportunities of learning analytics?
  • Does learning analytics have the potential to impact more traditional engineering education, or is should it be restricted to MOOCs?


Moderator: Tinne De Laet

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