MEDACCR - Erasmus+ CBHE project 586452-EPP-1-2017


MEDACCR - Online Quality Assurance and EUR-ACE Accreditation of Engineering Programmes
in Mediterranean Area

MEDACCR project, running from October 2017 until October 2020, is promoted by the European Commission in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme.
Its wider objective is to set up and implement an on-line Quality Assurance (QA) system and an accreditation system of Engineering Study Programmes (ESPs) in Algeria, Jordan and Tunisia, consistent with the EUR-ACE Framework Standards and Guidelines (EAFSG).

Specific Project Objectives

- To promote the design of student-centred ESPs focused on the definition of learning outcomes consistent with the programme outcomes shared at European level.

- To bring the internal QA of ESPs into line with the Standards and Guidelines for QA in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

- To promote transparency and comparability of ESPs through an on-line documentation of their QA.

- To identify/create national centres/agencies for the EUR-ACE accreditation and to promote international recognition of ESPs.

- To disseminate the project results by involvement of the academic and administrative staff of the Partner Countries Universities.


Project contact person:
Mr. Angelo Musaio, project coordinator
University of Genoa, Italy
International Cooperation Office

Coordinator of the academic team:
Prof. Alfredo Squarzoni
University of Genoa, Italy
Professor Emeritus at Polytechnic School


Contact person at ISEP/IPP

Eduarda Pinto Ferreira